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PLAYwithMYdreams 2:27PM

Friday, October 27, 2006

The 7 Things
7 random things about myself:
a) I love Weilian
b) I am lazy*hehs
c) I can be really siao and energetic at times
d) I cry really easily*heeees...
e) I mind alort about everything
f) I am jealous easily!!!hahas
g) I seriously don't know which secondary school to head to

7 things that scare me:
a) Horrifying images
b) the darling beetles in my house
c) Bian4 tai4 lao3 shi1
d) My brother*he's walking in and out of the room checking on me!
e) Really hard balls that's travelling at a hell speed TOWARDS ME
f) The size of my hand
g) The kind of font you are reading now.

7 random songs at the moment:
a) Ai4 Hen4 Nan2 - Chen Weilian
b) Yi2 Shi1 De4 Mei2 Hao3 - Zhang Shao Han/Kelly Poon
c) Xuan4 Yao4 - Tanya Chua/Chew SinHuey
d) Nan2 Dao4 - Hong Junyang
e) Forever love - Wang leehom
f) Xi3 Huan1 Ni3 - Tanya Chua
g) Wo3 Zhi3 Shi3 Xiang3 Yao4 - Chen Weilian

7 things whatevers i like most:
a) Weilian!!!
b) Music
c) Techno...some Pop...give me some soothing ones!!!
e) School
f) That really really nice keyboard in O2Jam!!!
g) My purple crystal-like watch.

7 people to do this:
a) You
b) You2
c) You3
d) You4
e) You5
f) You6
g) Don't look to the back.It's just you.

Hii ppl...today is really fun especially the dodge ball.i kanna hit alort of times.ON MY ASS.so i threw the ball at Eugene.But i didnt get to aim the golden place to make him sterile *laughs* cos he was protecting so seriously.gosh.i nearly burst out laughing.A,B,C,D,K,L having their soccer interclass.so the ball flies out we pick for them.hehs.we very good hurhs?haha.then we were like go back to class then teacher says we having our whatever talk next week.You know what i saw?Yan rui @ gang were drooling like what!hahas.kidding la.But anyway after recess the bunch of us who played dodge ball stayed in class for a while with the ball and me and myra were doodling about on the board,hees.what happened next?we went to look for mdm tan and we thought we would get scolded because of the poker cards.haha.but in the end we were to decorate our prefects' board.haix.end of year then do...gao pi ah.but when we came down,the board was locked!*gasp*. so we tried ways to open...we use our home keys...PINS...fingers...etc. and tried to open the lock.my pin can only open a bit...so in the end...we went back to class...seriously we need to take up tuition classes from the burglars but since the yhave their money source, i don't think need the tuition fees la huh?haha.for now, i gtg.so ppl...GOODBYE.
PLAYwithMYdreams 6:10PM

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today is the street soccer interclass so boys play girls scream la...err...basically lor...haha..but then the place me and myra stand not very good.sth related to feng1 shui3...bo liao ha...hehe...First ball was flying towards me...HENG MY PALMS BIG BIG AH!!!if not me and myra disfigured liao lo.haha.pei jun was right.but going other places not very suitable leh..the boys kept kicking the ball towards shermaine.which was the spot nearer to the fence.so i dun dare go lor.the other side is Joey's side.The girls are screaming like mad dogs.for dunno what la. we got scream...err...because to cheer our class on.dun wan class lose face...haha.i couldnt imagine what it would be like on soccer interclass for me.how i wish it was captain ball...BUT.sighss...full liao.and...i dun think i play very well although i catch and i throw the ball.~.~Anws, the second ball was they kick out the 'cushion'..whatever it is.nearly hit me la..but flying pass me...so i go take the ball lor.the third one was the ball fly here i dunno.but,Joanna got hit.heng...i was very very near her.but the spot was really cooling.hahas.then can play captain ball awhile.hehs.fourth ball is sth like third ball but never hit anybody.fly pass me.so i go and take.THEN,i m not picking balls anymore cos the interclass is over!!!.back to class some ppl see the list not happy.but its set already.i think some of them seriously dun wan to play.god.for class and your own sake lor.don't liddat la.don't make work for hui zhen hard la.its just play ma.mayb u will say 'u in your favourite team of course will say this la.' so?i remembered clearly hui zhen was painstakingly asking ppl around whether they want this they want that.Myra and me saw that lor.please la. after interclass jiu4 yao4 go sec sch liao.cooperate la.
skip skip..Good news!!!not trying to flaunt or blowing my saxophone =.=...Prefects are going snow city!!!bring your long pants eg jeans or track pants plus a long sleeves shirt. sob sob la, i thought i can wear my three quater pants or sth sth look like track pants or whatever u call them.haiya...i love them u know.hahas. thinking of Bangkok trip in P5 again.LAUGHING!!!at whoever whoever called me in the middle of the night, CRYING, (hehs)scaring the hell out of me.THEY'RE homesick! ok la...i miss my big fat pig at home la...but...nothing nothing...ltr kanna buut by whoever whoever.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
PLAYwithMYdreams 6:47PM

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ytd when i go da pao my dinner i saw this really pitiful uncle who lost his things.The cleaner there was dunno what happen then keep on say 'I never see i never see.'So what?!customer lost heir things, you should help him to find it back no matter what.the worst thing is the cleaner just take the bottle of beer away (inside still have beer)without the old man's consent when he went to the loo for a few seconds.He came back, bag lost.The cleaner didnt even mention compensation.what if inside the bag have gold?u know old people loves to carry these things around.fine.that wasnt the worst thing.i queue at the drinks corner to pay for my i-weekly for so long and the auntie still didnt care about me.I know the other auntie is busy.but the auntie n front of me was pouring the pathetic coffee here and there into the same jug.what's the diference?i dun see any 'cloud' from the coffee so i dun suppose she's trying to cool the coffee down.i can just give her the $2 and then i can chiong home to watch goong.but she's practically playing with the coffee.the boss must be a real fool.such service can lose customers.if not because of the distance i wouldnt have queued here.AND, i tried to count the time needed for the other busy auntie to respond.HORROR!she chatting with the uncle with the motor-helmet.REALLY fed-up la.then the auntie finish chaating with that uncle she came to my side and then still wait awhile for cows to come home b4 serving the customers(including me).BUT, she served the one behind me.WHAT fcuk!its just a magazine and i can just throw u the $2!she served the one behind me still slowly...take her time to scan the bar codes.EVERYBODY REMEMBER: DUN GIVE THE VISTA KOPITIAM AUNTIE GOOD FACE. cos she wouldnt treat u well either.STILL BOILING.*.*
PLAYwithMYdreams 1:30PM

Monday, October 23, 2006

for today ha...not really alort of things la...but then i really got fed-up updating my happenings in the template.What exactly happen today?Can't really remember.SO, it proves that today doesnt happen shocking things.But dunno why, stomach cramp until have to crawl up the stairs to take my purse.hoo.this need strength one lor.haha.really very happy i could have PE again cos i found my fats accumulating.urgh...devastating.anybody watch e4 mo2 zai4 shen1 bian1?its really nice and the guy so shuai.Rainie Yang was the female lead.and SO KAWAII lor...so surprise Pei jun asked the bunch of US in the hall if we got wacth this.i was going to ask one, you know?k la...i have to go and get my dinner or i RIP.byes
PLAYwithMYdreams 6:35PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

VERY SIAN AH!!!!!!!!After PSLE my life become really really empty lor...cos we had nothing to do liao lor.and i dun really care what kind of results i get.cos i had a feeling i'll go chr or riverside.which everybody will say so-so.i even dreamt that i went into that school.Wah pui chao nua!*Gan ni na...i really wanted to go good school.but from the looks of what happen...i give up...after hearing my bro band teach guitar, my heart went there liao.i dun even want to see the book for choosing sec school already.i vex enough.Not just because of somebody.I suppose the haze and the emptyness too.EMPTY! I dun want to go secondary school.but think again...u can laugh at the pai kias for being really really childish.ARGH____btw, myra suggested to go somewhere far every sat.Next destination: Bishan J8~...
PLAYwithMYdreams 6:49PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

ytd me cher myra and eunice went to orchard everywhere to shop.the three of them met at banquet for a drink while i catch up with them.when we met, we went to the MRT station.then on our way there myra ask where is bugis.yeah.go city hall switch to opposite train one stop.then they were like shock?but the day b4 i suggested Bugis myra was like "OK!"cos she thought Bugis was located on the stop Bradell.Reason is both starts with 'B'.=.=...we went to orchard in the end cos Bugis is too far.in the train we were talking about B*T*H-es so loudly and kept on laughing laughing.yeah.finally we reached then we started using our antennas to feel the correct way but i kept leading them the wrong way.in the end we still went into the correct place.thne we started to shop around.most things there ex la.but it feels right going with friends.going with family really makes u want sleep.i saw this pink watch and fell in love with it.hahas.but its was $5.i went to The Heerens to see if got any other cheaper ones.but all very expensive.after taking the neos,we shop around and buy curry puffs...see see around...take pix...oh ya b4 that we saw this really disgusting shop beside the camera shop.if u go in, ppl will really give ogles at u.myra actually suggested to take pix whereever we go.nope.no more memory.plus i couldnt upload into the comp.ugh....walk walk around and then myra wanted to buy the earrings...which..is too classic.err...it suits adults.hehs.i was crazy for the hairband but i needed teh watch.the hairband seel at $2.90to$3.90 at chameleon but $4 at orchard,so i forsake it for the love-at-first-sight pink watch.hehs.then we took the train back to woodlands.then we were laughing and laughing.causing distractions.then myra did the sir stamford raffles pouting version.laughs.myra ate her gummy worm then i plucked snatch plus killed the gummy worm.its body became two parts and ended in different stomachs.chermaine took it down and is going to post on her blog.then eunice took the video of me trying to make myra laugh out loud.and some very very lame actions.for the trip, i think the best aint the shopping cos we were broke and couldnt buy many great things there.the best is what happened in the MRT.Omg.but i still like the BishanJ8 trip cos its nearer and can buy more things.i found my darling zhuzhu there too.hahahaha...we came back to woodland is like 7pm liao.eunice went to the pasa malam buy a drink then we go liao.i mean myra and cher go while me and eunice loiter around then go.hahaha.END OF STORY----
PLAYwithMYdreams 1:18PM

Friday, October 20, 2006

Today is quite..err...fun and buay tahan la.buay tahan is have to keep training for 4h.exluding the 2-3h in the morning.FOR THE SAME SONG!please la...like what myra said, i want to learn S.O.S. steps already lor.ya.i know its not even choreographed yet.anw,u all went to the next door w/o even calling me?i am dead in the song already lehx.aiyas.ltr say too much will become somebody number2.but seriously, my palm feels a bit swollen.no idea why.maybe i did too much of the stars in Superstar.
well...anw today audition a bit malu la.we all *woooooooooooo for 7 seconds and get back into our own positions.its kinda awkward.u see.but.at least ppl who didnt get to learn some steps can agar agar parts if it.turns out quite nice.but SHE went in our grp.fine.then myra kept saying u won the grand prize and what fcuk.ughh....wo3 sheng1 qi4 le4 oh...WO3 SHI4 ZHEN1 DE4 SHENG1 QI4 DE4 lor!and like what myra said.she's tearing her shirt off.dunno how to describe la.as u all know,my descriptive level sucks de lor.at least i get to laugh really hard when the guys did to moooo....*cow* when its suppose to be move.same for the other rhyming words.if perform on stage liddat oso quite nice la.at least ppl can laugh to their hearts content.i mean.Graduation ma...scared scared weep buckets ah...haha...so laugh la!!!its the best thing to cry because u laugh too hard.but no mood swings please.tired ah...i still giggling away how Joey kicked Eugene when she stood on both Eugene's and Shermaine's legs.i tot she kicked where and was laughing extremely hard until i forgot my mission was to catch her.of course,she fell down alive.*thank you-s*
really very the sian ah...oh ya, ms hayati was sorta sabo-ing mrs teo in the audition.ya.but i couldnt remember what she said exactly.but it was kinda funny la.then everybody was laughing and laughing.why ha?aiya dunno la.seems like everyone is having mood swings + mental disorder heh?ya...u'll catch me jumping and screaming around in the first and admiring the air in the second.mayb i was enjoying the song.especially the really vulgar song which i didnt take note of its title.fine.i'm not those very into English music industry.I'm more *chinese.hehs.its start like what mother fcuker.the song was ok but if we were to let ms teo hear it, the Doctors really have to work OT.hahas.OK la.couldnt stand my brother strumming his freaking guitar.i couldnt even concentrate on blogging la.ugh...SHUT UP_________]]
PLAYwithMYdreams 10:28PM

Thursday, October 19, 2006

After PSLE I dun feel happy at all leh...like i have lost my goal of my life liddat.B4 PSLE i play non-stop.but then after PSLE dun feel like playing.It just dun feel right la.Maybe i tuned my mood slower than u ppl?feel really really blank and spacious in my heart in other words.i laugh too much can suddenly feel really really sad and want to cry liddat.Post-exam illness ba.like i say.haha.but it feels really shiok to be alone.I not trying to say my friends very irritating or what.But then the feeling of being alone at home or away from crowded places give me the best mood.do u all feel liddat too?HAHAs.i siao liao.for the upcoming audition, we were really practicing hard in case ppl is sceptical about that.I think everything would turn out smoothly if the guys didnt freak out in the audition.cos the looked absolutely blurr in the rehearsals.no offence=.=...for those who missed the rehearsal in eugene's territory, we had the whole thingy done.just needed some more practices then it'll be perfect.our time for choreography and rehearsals are much shorter than the previous batch isnt it?make this the most perfect performance ever.show the others that we could also do well without a choreographer and teacher.Yeah!its still early for big words.hahas.
Now i'm listening to WL's heaven knows so i'm really calm.haha.listening to his songs is like therapy.sometimes Pop or R&Bs etc. ain't a better choice.
PLAYwithMYdreams 12.30PM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TODAY.is fun la.
It's fun de lorx.
K la. its really the best rehearsals la.hahas.
mayb it's because it's in a cosy and air conditioned room.
Aiyo?*not trying copy Pingx or Jay*_hahas.
yep.we squashed one another in an air conditioned room.
Lucky,no Death.
The writing not like me today right?k la k la.i chiong back to my style.heyheyx.ok.me sher and ping lived quite near so we met at a particular bus stop to myra's house.We came across this saloon and the dunno who pulled us in and tried the samples.yea, we look lyc pai kias.haha.hair turned brown.streaks of brown.and fortunately i washed it goodbye off.yay.hahas,if not ltr kanna scold by ms hayati.i now in air con room,so cold until cnnt type long sentences.blehx. so on our way to eugene house...eh...Correction ha.to the multi purpose hall, we were trying to play with the wet samples on our hair. the others gave terrible ogles at us.SUPERSTAR.the song.fitted how i felt.no la...jokings. we dance did the what-we-suppose-to-do-in-the-last-verse pose:those must kanna step got step, must shout then shirek, must fall de jiu4 fall, must squashed de4 bei4 squashed.hahas.heng joey is quite light.must train my arms...if not one fall two die. we were really having fun.Credits to chermaine for her dearie radio and cd.if not we wouldnt have so much fun.i walked home...the others got a ride... some took bus?and some just jumped then got home liao.i really walked a hell long way b4 i reach 540.too hungry that i just fell on my doorstep.i press the doorbell, saw my bro watch movie shake leg never help me open door,mum cooking very long then open the door.he watching dunno what movie but rainie yang acted really cute.no wonder her tian2 mi4 jiao4 zhu3 name soars.haha.sososo tired, i ate my dinner at 6pm.too early a dinner.i never eat lunch and the other energy used to laugh at the dance and the guys. if i remembered correctly, joey nearly caused eugene no more father day.err...no offence... LUCKS FOR AUDITION!
PLAYwithMYdreams 11:15PM

Monday, October 16, 2006

ok...i went for the dance thingy and...it was quite successfull liddat(oh what i tok).but the guys wan dance dun wan dance.so we think of steps and at the same time recap the thought-alady-steps. got alort of holes inside but considered good liao ah.two-three days liddat and everybd, including the really playful and gossiping guys, got very organised. in between is really quite fun la.the guys...i'm not trying to tease ya'll but, it looked really cute and funny went they did the star which made me step on many many little *stones or rocks...my heels and palms have many patterns liao lor.
Then Pingx and sher did the JY's L.O.V.E...the effects is quite nice but...i can oni agar-agar leh...myra kept teaching me with her very small and unelaborated steps.(not trying to sabo or whatever to you)...or teach halfway run away.see...you ppl so pro liao i still dance like clown liddat.haha...for the holes agnes pingx sher and whoever whoever(cnnt remember) did the *slapping game.as in they line up in a straight row, then sher maine in front then pingx then agnes liddat...sher slap pingx then pingx slap agnes then so on...its qutie nice but myra and joey say very disorganised.please la...pei4 he2 awhile lor.its really very nice mah.the effect is lyc gears.clockwise anticlockwise clockwise anticlockwise______
so...its kinda late and we were going home...so i want myra to go buy curry puffs with me but then she dun wan to go(scoffs).still dun wan to go.FINE. WO3 CHU4 pattern le."k la...i walk u to the bus stop lar..."P.S.its the bus stop u always saw me after school. my house is 540.hello.then i have to take the lonely bus home.she finally agreed.but i never buy curry puffs.instead i bought myra's leftover sandwhich using this really stupid trick(meant for babies). after i cross the road to fragrant wood there myra actually stepped on my slipper and kachia, two pieces.IT IS DEAD.they wouldnt do anything to get me go home easier.They is li pin myra and joey.instead, joey took out her phone and start taking pictures of this...dying DEAD slipper.artistic eh?this is a memorable one.myra and bianca accompany me go buy it last year,and myra was forcing me to give her the slipper and wear it for me.my sandal died then. this is much like a glass slipper since it shattered. my heart went for it too.the feeling was just like www.iloveunidongbudong.blogspot.com 's storyblog.(promoting here)anw this is really a very nice story and the addict is coming back again.i put this in my link so please...if u had the time...read it_______________35 chapters altogether.the characters fiction la although they "borrowed" wl's name.i mean.this team specially wrote this story on valentine as a present to WL and his fans. read it and ur heart and your heart would really laugh or ache like the characters.
For the DEAD slipper, if u wish to see its CORPSE...go to joey la.hehes

PLAYwithMYdreams 6:22 AM

The most Important Word to remember......

The most selfish one-letter word
"I" .....Avoid it.
The most satisfying two-letter word
"We" .....Use it.
The most poisonous three-letter word
"Ego" .....Kill it.
The most used four-letter word
"Love" .....Value it.
The most pleasing five-letter word
"Smile" .....Keep it.
The fastest spreading six-letter word
"Rumour" .....Ignore it.
The hardest working seven-letter word
"Success" .....Achieve it.
The most enviable eight-letter word
"Jealousy" .....Distance it.
The most powerful nine-letter word
"Knowledge" .....Acquire it.
The most essential ten-letter word
"Confidence" .....Trust it.

Extracted from WL's web____________

PLAYwithMYdreams 6:04 AM

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hey, looks like i am really crazy today.i update too much until blog yao4 bao4 zha4 liao ah...haha.my story is really long today.
i just went to the osram roadshow for the sake of weilian.obviously.
Then he sang wo zhi shi xiang yao...haha...the mic a bit old.the sound so soft.haha.
the DJ did play a good host and they even play High School Musical's sub-theme song.haha.its nice.
then WL walk past me then i so happy lor...haha.see?i m laughing all the way.haha. He is really tall.the good thing is he taller than my bro.haha...
his lucky hand pick out 5 lucky winners*all of them his fans*yay...happy for them la.then went he walk outta the mall i walking the same way then saw him walking into a van.oni got the driver and himself.the van's like the van taxi liddat.shiok lor.two person occupy one big van.then he listen his MP3 while the driver drives off.with this really cute superstar...haha
so all the way i walk to MRT station was very happy.although i m all alone.i really am.i nearly board the train that heads to marina bay.lucky i woke up in time.or i might be in city hall now.blehx.haha...
really happy la....what happen days ago felt nth to me liao...haha.i counted again.10 HAHAs in all.
sweet goodbye.all thanks to WL, i very happy today.
P.S.for the practice, shermaine is seriously digging for a radio, anybody have?i pm my neighbour but she never reply leh.have then pm me kae?

PLAYwithMYdreams 3:01 AM

Saturday, October 14, 2006

After reading Myra's post I totally agree with her. I meant, when the group was just set up, Joey and gang thought of steps for the performance already. I knew they must have try out if they group can work out well right? If they set up the group and haul every want-to-perform people, things won't work out neatly. So like that, slowly gather more and more people to give suggestions about the steps and learn it, the rehearsals would really turn out very organised. Even when we gather the guys they were already making a great din in the music room. Imagine, they whole class. Correction. The whole of two class. Wouldn't the music room explode? The classes near there are having tough lessons for their upcoming exams. Spare a thought for them. And, some girls were already complaining. Fine. Let me tell you these. We needed equal number of guys and girls in the performance. We wouldn't want only one guy act block on stage and nineteen girls dancing wildly like nobody cares. Understand? Just take it as this is a trail. We are having auditions for OWN DANCE?! Kidding ain't it? I mean I didnt thought of a lot of the steps but at least we did see the effort the enthusiasts put in. And now they are down to auditioning their very very own steps? What if unfortunately they didnt get through? That their ideas used by the others and nobody knows you chipped in?. why not the two classes, on that day, surround the whole hall like the NDP and dance to every students? Won't that be the best suggestion? But then again, some of them will bo-chup and wishy-washy and don't want to go. And I'm afraid just this will spoil friendships, as well as the very last performance. I admit this year's P6 is the most problematic batch. Causing almost every teachers to blow their top. EVERYBODY, AFTER THE AUDITION ITS REALLY A START. Can we just forget the PAST? And stop complaining_______we didn't say we don't want to give you a chance.
A very formal written.

PLAYwithMYdreams 9:16 PM

ya...i m finally back...for the sake of...U PPL!!!
these days i go blogger keep hang...so update really very little...so today really happy can go blogger.
i change the skin and remember to tag okies~
ytd really not a nice day although the guys dancing awed me.they so playful oso can learn so fast?ok...claps claps...joey lipin sher pingx etc just started the dance thingy and tot of some steps which were complicated but the effects really nice...so we learn very soon...when we joined the group.agar agar here and there then now can dance le la...except some imperfects here and there...monday gonna have the practice again...but i dun have radio to lend...except fore the super big one and wires everywhere...players dunno spoil anort.u wan?i think give u free oso dun wan ar...so dirty...i really wanna call mroe ppl to join but i dun really think i m to decide cos i just join.i m afraid things would be lyc p5.which is really a treuma for me.
when we got back to class where ms hayati was practically sulking, i know things aint gonna go right la...thunder come rain pour liao lor...she bring up the 'PSLE over still have rule' matter,then everybd sulk with her liao...she said about the dance thingy then vivian started saying 'i wont want to waste my tears on those selfish and what what ppl'.it was one day only.if she sees things liddat then good luck to her in sec school lor.this attitude sure kanna buut by pai kias one.and b4 recess me and myra had sum misunderstandings with hui zhen. so duty i pulled myra here to prevent worse strainings.but we very good relationship very soon no hatred liao.we wont get affected by somebody so easily.wanna stomp on tt b*t*h.
after school and the rehearsals,me myra and hui zhen went to myra home sweet home.then somebody call but we CNNT HEAR her.ok.we couldnt FEEL the VIBRATIONS too...TOO BAD...
i hope the coming days would be really thrilling.
See all HUMBLE and UNSELFISH dancers on monday.1.30pm.at...u noe where.bring a cap too.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I changed my skin cos my brother actually got into the wrong blogger site and update the wrong things.so~~~~everything was messed up by him.anw i came across this really nice checker thingy which i lyc.i love everything_________hope u all lyc it...anw the song part i did sth about it.i highly recommend u listen to canon rock.its really nice...but lower the volume cos its really loud.
for the rest, i'll update after i won the debation on taking over this comp with my bro.which definitely i lose la.he older than me,excuse oso more than me de la.
Enjoy ai hen nan.
Or canon.

PLAYwithMYdreams 4:08 AM

Monday, October 09, 2006

PLAYwithMYdreams 2:00 AM

some days ago me and eunice shop shop around causeway cos everibd not free myra not well...so we shop + study la.
then we saw mr loh.and ms chow.ms chow rebonded her hair and is so pretty NOW!!!
dun feel lyc updating leh...see...everything short short de
then ytd i go suntec to see PSS la.WL so shuai haha.then yuyang and khim sang shan1 hu3 hai3 which was really melting lyc ting1 hai3,open ur eyes(khim)love story(yuyang),gu dan de ye li wo bu gu dan, wo zhi shi xiang yao(WL),liu shui nian hua, mei hua hao shuo(JY), mei li ben nuu ren, love me again(KEllY).
today went out with eunice and Jing wen causeway shop shop cos myra walk so fast and poom!gone.k.then we took the gogh workshop which apparently angered us.me and eunice went up to timezone cos the pix stuck in side, but come down the workers threw it away liao.so we take another one.
Goodbye la.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

hii pl i m back---its PSLE now and i still using comp?ya true,i in no mood for books.b4 PSLE i cant read.but i couldnt read the minute the Exam.see?very naughty right?=.=
fine...today was very pek chek-ing and funny.the pek chek thingy is yan rui keep kicking my chair.then i move my table and chair to front.the invigilator should be dreaming man.he was staring at yan rui kicking my chair and i move to the front still ask me 'why is ur table so front?'can he see?the didi behind me is kicking my chair.Jing wen also suffer the same thing.zhen shen kicked her chair.wooooo~~~didnt u see how funny jing wen try to shriek at him?although its very exaggerating la...but have the teacher ask for the obvious?he saw the guys kick our chair still ask jing wen,'what are u all doing?'he is BLIND.the math is KANASAI de lor.u know the circle qns i can get it correct one lor.i last min then saw the 16cm so quickly chiong and liquid the whole qns and redo la.i haven get to add the perimeter then time up liao.pity right?well...good lucks is all we can say liao lor.and teachers should bring armour and shield after PSLE in case we,unknowingly, killed them with our intense atmosphere.rejoice.
after math wen me jing wen myra and eunice go play awhile then go home.b4 that jing wen and yan rui was lyc keep on shouting and shouting.then daryn who was dere oso say 'eh just now one naked guy stand on the window and said chee bai...'so and so.haha...as they are shouting to wake the neighbourhood up,the side ppl aka spectators laugh until nearly die.u believe?HAHAHA.the spectators were we students.only.
---end of story---
AND I SAY GOODBYE,song nice?lyrics on profile corner.lucks for everything~

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

get urself in stitches here.

PLAYwithMYdreams 11:52 PM

ya...ytd i went to malaysia to celebrate my grandma's 77th birthday.not 77th street.in the morning waiting for valenciaAKAxx to go with us.cos her parents dun wan go.see?so bad cousins...jkjk..haha...anyway when we reach there, i seem to forgot who is who and i just hello to everybody then i head straight to the room and tried to fugure out who is who.well...i didnt manage to in the end.
after cutting the cake and playing with xx, 5 cousins(includes me)go Jusco shopping.the driver is my cousin oso la, and hello,he oni 20++can drive liao.shiok right?singapore 21 then can go training and take driving exams.he owns a car at...18?argh...we shop here and there always wa...wow....weets..omg...whatever it is, the sad thing is we forgot to buy them.which practically cost a lot.so we came to this arcade and play driving games..again..then i was the 5th one!wth.which is oso the last lor.
after that i played percussion with my cousin and...i won la.gees.u know.in causeway when me and myra or whoever its is go timezone,its either the dance thingy or the percussion.i actually played ai4 de4 zhu2 da3 ge1, and in malaysia, there's more songs lor.at the arcade there hor, oso have neo la.but from the looks of it,its really better than singapore de PRINT CLUB lor.i wouldnt want to mention the timezone neoprint machine.there arcade oso have what dance thingy.got one girl dance until so graceful.then after her is a guy take over, and he dance until very niang2,in other words, he not man.=.=ll at the other dance machine was this very action guy try to dance the two person dance together de.then u know what the machine read?U NEED MORE PRACTICES.i nearly collapsed in my own laughter.
after that we went to have some things to eat.but i just savour my cousins desert.cos i dun feel lyc eating.but when my brother buy this small kaya bun everybody was trying to compete to finish it.it is really a nice thing although i abhorred kaya.even my cousin who was eating her tomyam soup said it was nice.TOM YAM soup + KAYA bun = still very nice.ll='=
ok...we really had nothing to shop.then we head for our car.but everybody could not remember where the car was parked.and the parking lot is really a big thing.and u noe what?my cousin who could remember things best couldnt even remember where it was.and my brother is absolutely foolish.he kept saying the car is parked beside a tree and the ground is black.TREES ARE EVERYWHERE AND THE GROUND IS ALL CHAO4 DA1 BLACK.lol.we really walked a very long time before we reach the car which was covered by a bigger car.grrr.when we walk near there my cousin said 'nor...just now i say this green car is my dream car and i say this big car is my frens car and then u all sabo me say the car i like is that stupid truck...' and etc.yayaya...everybody was laughing loads.the distance we walked to find the car is actually longer than the distance for shopping.we took a total freak of one hour to find the car.yeah.then we head back to grand ma house at Masai.
after a lil while we took a cab and head to the checkpoint.which my mum says as 'kastam'.the ppl are a really siao ones.and my mum actually said its sunday and never mind very little ppl.when i had to hold my breath very deep for ppl to pass thru me and killing my foot with their bulky luggage?even my dad's feet which was seriously infected by a deep cut of toenails(and pus)was stepped.and everybody including my family cheated and lined up at the singapore expressway queue.we suppose to line up at the 170 and 950 queue.then we chiong aith the crowd into the bus.and we actually got a seat.see how mad singaporeans can be.my head was pounding.mayb i held my breath for too long for the crazy locals.after a while i reach home i shower and....good nightes lor.
ZHUZHU says:

PLAYwithMYdreams 9:58 PM

Saturday, September 30, 2006

ME and myra had stupid loads of fun when this meow meow came into my house.i quickly took out my hp and chase around it.trying to take a pic of it.here it is:

this is the cutest la.hahaha... when my mum catch it by its neck,it was like...frozen?omg...i nearly hug it as if like there's no cute thing in the world.sorry to the pretty lady behind it.

myra and i was doing the test and...i dun believe my fwenx sees me as a ZOMBIE!!!that time was we didnt get the qns so i guess it roughly...ZOMBIE...do u see me as one?but after the real test i became a belly dancer...how could it be...i rather choose to be a zombie, man.myra and it watch an episode of dream chasers but...it was kinda blur...but the WL and sin huey part when they fell down the hill is realy very funny lor...after PSLE i would wan to call all the dream chasers fanatics over to my house.blehx.so far as i noe... there isnt any fanatics but likers like myra(ya obviously) and Junior.

tmr i will be going to malaysia for my grandma bdae.the sad thing is one of my 4th-uncle's brother died in the taxi.he was a taxi driver.now he is a newbie in the heaven.haix...

i m sososososososososo tired with my skin and so kiss goodbye to it lor.now is music.which everybody is really mad about it.i really dun feel like doing any revision...exam is unmeaningful.it is actually one thing to test our wits but now we study because of exam.arent we lame?

k la k la...its 10.26pm now and do u believe im going to eat my DINNER now?yes i m and...

mei3 yi1 ci4 he2 ni3 fen1 kai1, mei3 yi1 ci4 kiss u goodbye~~~ai4 qing2 de4 zi1 wei4 ci3 ke4 wo3 zhong1 yu2 zui4 ming2 bai2....

PLAYwithMYdreams 7:12 AM

How are you feeling today?
-Ji Mo-by dunno who
fake ans.i very high today

Will you get far in life?
-When There Was Me and You -- Vanessa Anne Hudgens
so chim.

How do your friends see you?
-Belly Dancer -- Akon
before that was ZOMBIE!!!

Will you get married?
-Chase the Wind -- Grander
Fcuk, what is that?

What is your best friend's theme song?
-The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift -Teriyaki Boyz
what is that?again?

What is the story of your life?
-Yi4 Ge4 Ren2 Sheng1 huo2-Lin Fan

What was high school like?
-7 years & 50 days-Groove Coverage
i dun wan repeat school life

How can you get ahead in life?
-In me-Casting Crowns
u understand?

What is the best thing about your friends?
-Ni3 na4 me4 ai4 ta1_Li3 sheng4 jie2

What is in store for this weekend?
-Mirai No kioku-Yuka
Japanese's help pls

What song describes you?
-Matchstick heaven(huo3 chai2 tian1 tang2)-WEI LIAN!!
YAY...finally have one WL song

To describe your grandparents?
-Theme-Jurassic park
what is that!

What song will they play at your funeral?
In the End-Linking park
that marks the end of life

How does the world see you?
-Ye4 de4 di4 qi1 zhang1-Jay chou

Will you have a happy life?
-Forever-the Veronicas

What do your friends really think of you?
Hao3 xin1 fen1 shou3-wang lee hom and candy lo

Do people secretly lust after you?
Every heart-Boa

How can I make myself happy?
-Yi2 lu4 xiang4 bei3-Jay Chou
and bang the wall?

What should you do with your life?
-Just the girl-The Click 5
WHAT does it MEAN

Will you ever have children?
-Bop to the top-High school Musical
Does it mean my child flies to the top?

When will you get married?
-Hokkien Speeding-Chen2 jin1 tai4
Marry so fast?

PLAYwithMYdreams 12:19 AM

Friday, September 29, 2006

today was quite fun although everybd is gonna be crazy after the briefing cos they wan PE.u call that a briefing?a meeting is more like it.
anw, captain's ball was 1hour man!!!rejoice...u see we snatch the ball and throw it everywhere.ya la...we got aim one ok...u noe the guys was like so rough and...like i said...they practically broke every rule set.is this a game?MADMATCH!!!
after that were lessons and whatever go thru and time really passes fast for me...then i found out i had a bruise.it wasnt pain at all.in fact there was no feeling.i swear i still can feel things.i gave it a punch oso...so funny thing is i never scream...that couldnt be an ink cos i couldnt wash it away.and seriously i applied soap and tried to rub itx)
HMT lesson was sorta...funny?we had to act after we wrote.myra didnt get to find a seat so she borrow chair and table here.which was taller than ours...huizhen was complaining cos her table is toooooooo.....short.poor her man.
but myra the naughty baby didnt give way.the bad thing is me and hui zhen divorced and we abandoned our 2hour ago adopted daughter.named myra...hahaha...so after all we had fun la...for the acting part, my name became..u noe what? AH KUA!!!wtf. but heng they didnt mention my name cos it isnt needed.HENG~we didnt get to arrange everything properly.chinese lesson was finnaly lively again cos of yan rui who sang xi3 shua1 shua1 and xiao3 wei1...so funny and ....i knew teacher would definitely dun wan a child liddat.very late liao ...oh ya...while me and hui zhen walk home we talk about the name for her daughter next time.she wants a spanish slang cos of fabregas.ummm...so i tried to name it fazhenne`...fabregas+huizhen+spanish slang.all i can think of.a stupid way of mixing things.gotta go...

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


PLAYwithMYdreams 3:16 AM

The last day of the seventh month was...a few days ago?but at night i was rushing thru my hw esp the vocab and~~~i was sorta looking at the time(HP)which read 00:00.wow.perfect timing.i not superstitious like myra but i dunno why.i got freaked out the numbers.i closed the hp flap and continued with my work.plus the funny funny distractions outside my window, which u'll get freaked out too.it sounds like a woman sobbing darn loudly and everytime i would tell myself its my brother farting and not the distractions outside...i was sosososo scared of the whining.but i m sumhow used to it.*throw me intuh the haunted mansion!*after that was like going to sleep mood but i m still stuck with the vocab checking the dictionary which, obviously, killed and fading my limited patience.i was at the last excercise.so i flung the paper and dictionary all over my bed.jumping and singing about.the great thing was that my bro was sleeping soundly, and he didnt felt a *nightmare*going on in my room.he better feel nth~back to work.i open the hp flap and see the time.01:11.ohh...i jumped up again.since it was already the next day, i guess the 'un-bodied' souls should have return home sweet home...but...as i say, i am not superstitious.and i try not.after vocab it was gonna be morning liao.i open the Hp flap and read the time again.02:22.i swear i wasnt kidding.i flung that freaky HP on my bed top and slept with my hart thumping loudly.w/o hurting my bao bei ZHUZHU.calm calm~~~
After some time i wake up, which breaks my dream of scoring 300 in PSLE.i thought the alarm rang so i open the HP flap.b4 that i really forgot how freaked out i got by the numeros,so i just open the flap, half sleep half awake.guess what?04:44. I REALLY AM NOT KIDDING.444.who the hell wants me to kiss goodbye so early?!i'm not gonna grant ur wish and i'll make sure i die after u.kekeke...see how the time could bring such emotional swings to u.wreck ur sweet sleep.all by myself. haix.seventh month is really over.i guess my hp isnt happy me favouring my zhuzhu more than it now.i shower the same love for u HP kaes~~~
signing off,
ZHUZHUs owner aka ZHUZHU_________

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Sunday, September 24, 2006


PLAYwithMYdreams 2:53 AM

Saturday, September 23, 2006

today quite fun la...
me eunice jing wen and myra went to library to do hw lor...but..shopping and neo comes first la...haha...after neo the SIs came to causeway so we see see awhile den go lor...after that we went to the cd shop see see cds...fir...joi chua...dream chaser 19.90 oni?!i go poh khim there buy is 20 bucks leh.madde.
after that myra went to buy bubble tea then me eunice went to buy dumpling and milkshake...b4 we came down to b1, we saw a damn kawaii baby who keep staring at eunice=P its so darn cute...but i cnnt pinch it...its others baby=(then in cold storage i saw him/her again.the baby grin at me!!!yaye...den after the buying, we went to library do hw.myra kept using my comb poke me...itchy~~den got one very cute girl took eunice's pencil case and gimme...hehe i took a photo of her oso.then after that we continued with the work.6++we parted.myra went the other way so me and eunice was like heading to interchange when we saw the flying carpet which was the funfair there.i wanted to call myra but she gone.haix..so me and eunice took twice.8p gone...eunice was on verge of vomiting...haha...we really went home after that la.eunice was like under torment~~~haha i shouted and screamed too much.the flying carpet was like oni less than ten ppl take.haiya...cant post too much...my bro wans the comp.anyway i change the song to bai2 se4 feng1 che1, which my bro is crazy about.tui4 hou4 oso....anyway ppl out there listen la.its quite nice.AU`revoir.anyway while searching the song i suddenly thought of taufik's i dream...which is quite old le...but I COULDNT FIND IT!nvm.harhar.tomoro will be another taufik le.preparing for SI mood.peeps,supporting who?

PLAYwithMYdreams 7:02 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006

finally i can touch my bao beii computer again...heyhey...i have waited for one long and mundane week b4 meeting with all here=.=
u noe,the whole week go thru papers is really a torment tho..i really tried my very the best liao...really...the saddest thing is u found out that u had damn loadsa mistakes~~~the worst torment was sitting beside 'HIM' who tries to act pitiful and mature and macho.damn irritating man...mayb he thought he is being cool and attractive liddat.if he is...i will be the coolest already.cool is calm.calm is collected.cool calm and collected.hahaha.would i ever possess any quality stated?the best thing of today was...*drum roll*not the compo...obviously...but playing water under void declk with eunice.ohh...we actually made prank letters to some lucky neighbours___hohoho...but anyway,i doubt there will be any complains...the nicest of today was music.of course is music.Joan, this cancer sufferer's story alone could evoke tears in me.how do i even dare to listen the song?i'm glad no one knows i nearly cried.oh what crap, it was everyone who nearly cried, am i right?haixxx...spend so much $$$ to take the route leading to the heaven.hope she is out of suffering now.well, PE was fun too.we had Guys VS gurls captain ball.the guys so hiong.notr like we girls who goes strictly by law.we swear we didnt broke the rule.the guys did.they broke every rule.MADMATCH.esp daryl.not just stepping on my shoes,he flung the filthy ball into the space and back to earth again hitting anybody there lives.argh...messy hair dirty hands...but jing wen was worse. the ball flung onto her mouth and grass on her lips.damn disgusting lor.and joey kiss with the ball three times.tsk tsk...lipin oso kena the ball.seems like i m quite fortunate.anyways the aftermath of dirtying we girls is only shouting and screaming at the senseless guys___after sch me and eunice was like play the water under her block until footprints is everywhere.fun~~~its not childish ok...then we wrote some funny things like we disguise as stefanie sun and tanya chua to write to them about the mid autumn festival.i still disguise as police and write sorta warning...?then eunice wrote sumthing about Jarrod being in the top hundred and want joel's support.u noe.Joel live bewlow eunice ma.so their mailbox very near.he is one of our fortunate prank targets..haha___gtg for revision and...lucks_

PLAYwithMYdreams 4:25 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

heyhey everybody_____
i believe ppl who came to my blog nearly fell asleep...harhar...and...good news!!!i finally can go blogskins sucessfully!!!yafoo~~(copycopy SI)harhar...this particular person commented my blog was boring.*and u noe who u are__*gees.so i work overtime to make this blog interesting la...and the cursor i intend to leave it liddat...cos its easier to see the time and date...of course,i m oso promoting bishan J8's neoprint shop.fun fun man...myra said she look weird.oh is she?haha...but we have fun.at least i never put the one with the three of us all over the place...my god...imagine...and...the signature was horrid too,not forgetting to mention it.
ytd me and myra went to Junior's house(again)to do hw...u may go sure anort?yea.we did some.i hope we didnt kachiao Junior's house too much.myra met yy and jasmine to neo while i buy markers for Junior's profile book and sweet sweet.then i went in to look for them.heyhey...i peep at them(posing and not' ' ah...u noe what)after the deco we went separate ways.i go take 962 with myra my dardar.=.=i finally whip out sweet that i bought which was freaky expensive man.can only share with my dardar=.=hey i aren't being selfish.i did share with Junior.i just forgot jasmine and YY's part.cos i have to save two for dinner.but myra took one away.so my lunch and dinner was the coca cola gum x2.i swear i wasnt having a diet.but myra and i was so hungry that we nearly ate our flesh.but u noe, we didnt allow ourselves to eat up Junior's place,fearing that Junior's mum would qns myra and me, funny funny qns...i really gave myself a tight slap after i got home that very day when i told the rong answer...forgive me Junior xP...
me and myra talk about ' ' never wear " " umm...u noe girls gotta wear de thingy...and we drew the conversation further away until yan rui (definitely not him wearing' ')saying what happen if madonna came to our school and kena hit by the door and that---------------ah..u just think for yourselves la.the worst thing was...we sat behind the bus driver who was a male!i could see he is trying not to listen to us...pai seh ah...me and myra tried our best not to laugh oso.the minute we got Junior's house we just collapsed in our own laughter.Junior gave a 'haha-very-funny-what-happen' looki offered her a sweet and we told her what we said and the driver's stupid expression.oh i forgot.b4 we enter Junior's house, me and myra actually played a prank on junior.i press the doorbell and ran away,resembling fools.Junior didnt come out.she was listening to JY's album and jumping up and down beside the window.myra took the second attempt annoying her.she took off her slippers and put on the lift there.she went to press the doorbell then ran like chicken oso...haha.we hid beside the lift and chiong to the rubbish dump...and i actually laughed too loud at myra's funny way of picking up the slippers until Junior know its us.we are naughty isnt it?
we went in and tok and sms and shared the fear in junior being indirectly harrassed by a particular brown guy. scared scared.and we jaga to do the work oso...junior and myra so bad never wait for me.they do the vocab until 45 46 and i still at 42.they didnt check the meanings=.=we were snatching dictionaries and fighting around and stop after one reply came and everybody started peeping at my phone and myra's.fun~~~i mean...i laughed at the way this brown guy reply.he replied macho-ly.and obviously, it's disgusting.just the way the drama series are.=.==.==.=the three of us gave this 'diao' look.after that We actually find that Junior had been playing JY's album for so darn many times and change it to best of PSS cd(which, unfortunately, i dun have)and junior skipped Weilian's part!!!grrr...i yearn so much for this cd.and coming up next is best of superband.i think.b4 we went home,i used Junior's toilet and her mum 'accuse' me of flushing down ---u noe what.i just finish mine leh.we actually thought of going home when myra's mum called and remind her that its alady 7.gosh.time flies.then we went to causeway la.i da pao KFC then myra went home with her mum.so, i went home taking the bus alone...haix...

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

B.L.U.R.>>>>What's that spell?BLUR!!!WHAT'S THAT SPELL?BLUR!!!WHAT'S THAT SPELL?BLUR BLUR...So tired of listening to chim words...i just couldnt understand...i got concentrate!!!i really got!lemme say this one more time.I REALLY GOT!!!i couldnt understand why teacher tries to jolt me.i was asking qns around and tying my hair...arghh...what's wrong?!I Hate myself for being so stupid.i couldnt understand what the teacher says. Throw glances at me?i knew that.but, do teacher expect me to throw back glances at her?<>
Lucky today there is choir...or else my happy day sure just spoil liddat.cool down.
ytd me and myra went to junior's house today and watch HSM and do profile books and studying...did we?ok....we did...then lollipop came for homeworks...haha...5 sth me and myra went home.myra actually warned me not to take any of their foods there...haha...so afraid Junior's mum would qns me again.i really made a mistake...i didnt want to say about BFs...grrr...i hope junior's mum won't misunderstand...but after we wear our shoes, we really saw junior's mum.so chio.=D...i didnt get to see chio bu at home.=.=
after the bus ride i alighted at La Casa,walk past 554.so i sms joey lor.then behind me got one guy keep following me...i cross road he oso cross.nearly shouted help when he get a cm closer to me...but he disappear when i reached the bus stop that i saw shermaine with her hot red roller blades.weetsie weetsa...
these days trying to get myself into books.hey,at least i tried my best.i couldnt read.i'm afraid that a sickness.and getting sulky and crazy 24h.how i wish i could be lyc zhen shen laughing everyday.kena scolded oso no feeling.=D
GTG.ce eas

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

today go again.omg.they are far better than the guys.and its so obvious.
i wan to highlight one name.Ariel.wow!she is fantastic!!!i pray hard for her to win!she sang an oldie and forgot the title of the other song...but that was....F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!!!!!!!continue~~~

then just move on to zhao shi concert...since its so late for me to blog now.oh ya blog.the PSS actually wans a pro blogger to help them meddle with the PSS blog lyc superbands'.interested peeps go www.channelu.com.sg see.then today CSS got Zhiyang teresa dean yuyang khim and one dollar(yiyuan)they were great man!Zhiyang.(listen good)he actually sang lydia, original key!!darn it...i think part of it is even higher than the original singer.how could he...be so good?!anyway i recorded down.come to me for a shock.he just shock me with his vocals man...then he oso sang da4 cheng2 xiao3 ai4.ohh.rong sequence.teresa sang======forgot forgot.dean sang hui4 you3 na4 me4 yi4 tian1.with her fren(same style as her)help her with guitar.wah two guitars.then she sang the importance of being an idol.nice...then yuyang sang jie4 kou3(excuse).he oso excused for not joining the drama series, when he lucky lucky got chosen u noe?haix...then khim sang wo3 yao4 kuai4 le4. yi yuan sang po1 jian1 dai4 and forgot song title...all of them gambateh man!

for PSS got Weilian sin huey and derrick ho.derrick sang yong3 qi4 and tian1 kong1.my god.he finally has hair!sinhuey sang you2 ni3 duo1 hao3 and dui4 bu4 qi3 wo3 ai4 ni3,damn nice...then the hosts act as zhao1 cai2 mao1 behind her.lame and funny??hahas.weilian sang oldies yi1 jian3 mei2 and wai4 po2 de4 peng2 hu3 wan1.encore!!!no la.but the hosts got him to imitate Fei4 yu4 qing1's voice.gosh.99%like him.and he gonna release his second album and concert CD!!weets.

then still got super band...got soul brods and Juz-B-Peng.why Juz-B-Peng? cos one members of Juz-B in charge of beat box got bussiness trip so wei qi was asked.so cute!!!weets weets.soul sang sha3 gua1 and...fogot title...brods sang mo4 shen1 ren2 and forgot title.see?how forgetful...but i think that's all.the others were just audition.next sat and sun is the second audition.still at TPY HDB HUB.bye bye~~~


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colorful right?but see hard hard...we actually look brighter.cos wqe did the mei3 bai2 thingy until lyc angmohs....

not bad huh?lyc kena punch then so many stars...

i love JJ's bian1 hao4 89757.so the inspiration.

i look funny but...this pix very colorful ya?

this one oso not bad right?see harder, there's actually our signature!

soar soar...i was actually playing with the bars on top.

ohh i love this cos everybody was smiling so hard into the camera.u noe we waited for a very long time b4 they shoot?mouth will suan1 one...

It was last min so i chiong for them.what u thinking?jesus kena knocked by bus?

still chu4 pattern leh...i actually watched by the side.got see my shadow?

nice heart...we actually have to hand draw the shape we draw.ping2 draw nice huh?

Nice right?
J8 funs

tsk tsk...i just reached for photoshot...

dun just see the smile.its a century-egg fight behind it...

sorry to the one behind me...

smile smile...but i dunno that camera was shooting me.

Smile smile...

see?we so happy until my ZHUZHU oso smiling!

smile smile...

Smile smile...

Smile smile...

smile and stick out tongue...

Yan2's and my ZHUZHU!!!myra's actually a tortise...

smile smile and stick out tongue..

Do we look as if we have a tumour on our lips?

Me and Ping2 promoting click...


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Thursday, September 07, 2006

had a great time today.ohh, better than any other day in causeway. was my very 1st time to go j8 with my frens.ohh,i did went there b4.i love the clothes there, and the noodles at the coffeshop near there.it always makes ur heart sink when u dig into an empty pocket...*wawa*
12.30pm pingx was lyc waiting for me outside library, thank god i wasnt late...then she lyc receive sms frm zheng yee, and zheng yee told her he saw us outside library...oh.kinda shock.so pingx called him and ask where he was.let's welcome pingx to continue her story...*claps claps*
me and cher were lyc having a sms conversation with chermaine...and we're having fun criticising our very singaporeans.muahahahas.ohh cher knows best what kinda singaporean we tokking bout. after that myra came and we went to mcdonalds for a packet of fries.when we bought the mrt we were tokking bout...what we tok le ha?ohh.we tok bout everything under the sun. when reach bishan, i started eating the soft soft kuinda fries...at least the taste not bad oso right?we lyc shop shop around then we saw Jean yip.myra started laughing.she thought of mdm lee going for slimming prog,as well as mrs yip.let's make a bet whether our fellow frens will go next time.especially...u noe~~when we go to the top level we saw golden village the cinema.....then was intending to watch a movie but walk away anyway, after myra saw the poster of 'Pulse'. sensitive her.i saw that nong nong time ago but dunno what was the thingy that surround the person until pingx shriek and brought me closer to the poster.that was hands surrounding it.loads of hands.and pingx thought the person never wear clothers cos the clothes is peach in colour.b4 that i thought they were shouting cos of the cotton candy.blurr me.continue~~~
then we walk around some more but erm...we went to the food junction for a drink.i mean.me and myra accompany pingx to buy a drink.then...window shopping again...also searching for candies to ease the sweet tooth of myra's...then walk until very tired liao hor,we go neoprint and noe what?myra and pingx nearly shocked me to what seems lyc eternal.they wanted to take three machines which was a total freak $30 in all.to divide actually... but i took two oni.the third one they all pai.i wanted to pai de.but in the end i kept my $3.30 close to my hart.lalala~~~
the first machine was fun and...had a never-ending time in the decors...999seconds was what stated andit still haven counted even though it was more than 30 mins?cos no ppl disturb and allowed us to have our peace decorating.i wish time would stop then.the seat was just right for three ppl.but we really got fed up.when we decor and erase and......redo and...we jia1 gong1 and mei3 bai2 until we lyc angmohs liddat.ok liao la....we finally stop playing and we went to the second machine.crash.we took the mahine beside crash...couldnt remember the name...but we could do double image u see.cool.one of them even got our autographs...arent we lame?but at least no need think so much.another aka for me.qing2.so we put ping2 qing2 and yan2.sounds lyc area.and they wan thrird one.i not game for it so i wait for them.
after they finish got those draw then got oni ur face and background...aiya i describe ya'll wont understand la, wait for photos show u kaes?then i help them with decor...i tot peijun will put i will survive, so i put jesus died 4 us in another photo.funny isnt it?oh... i prefer lord of the rings rescripted.fcuk, i saw a ghost...haha...then finally we go fud junction and i shared congee with myra.while peijun video-ed our fights in between, forcing each other the century egg.pei jun actaually used the aeroplane way to feed myra.umm...like a toddler.so funny.but myra the baby so naughty, fighting away the century egg.congee splash on me.angry~~all started cos of pei junx tale whereby her ahma dipped the century egg into the horse urine...i manage to swallow it anyway.i wonder if myra did the cloze passage ms hayati gave us a nong nong time ago.haha.then we buy drinks and talked about maggi and mee.how moses lim drowned.and what sassy neighbour did.pei jun had another tale about my bandung.saying one boy fell into the tank that lead to 7-eleven, and the colour of the boy and water in the tank mix,look lyc bandung ppl buy bandung and...end of story.so i just say her coca cola fell and it died,lyc my phone.then, we went to candy shop and shop again.then to toilet...and me and pingx had a lort of shots in the toilet.that stinks.i was sorta pleading myra to come out faster.then we went to the coffeeshop near J8 for the wanton mee cos its my mums favourite.she did not get to eat this when she was young in malaysia,then now is here.named pontian.eh really nice leh.
after that we walked to near the station and posed for pix, until six sumting until me and myra went home while pingx go with her mum.hao3 guai1 oh...ohh..the three of us actually bought pets for our lonely phone.mine was pig,named zhuzhu.myra's was a tortise.and i mistook it as my zhuzhu always,then pingx was a ...what was that?sorta dolphin or what?aiya...very cute de pet la...i call it zhuzhu also...haha...ZHUZHU!!!
okok...i really have to go...in the mrt me and myra talked about what our frens would be when they grow up.and we made an unfinished story bout Germs, EJ and Jo.dun scream at me when u know that's u.please....i might put the credits is 'by sunflower'lame lame~~~ that sounds lyc dream chaser, AJ Jo charlotte.haha...after my toilet trip at burger king in cosway,i really went home.have a bath and prepare for SI results.haha.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hii everybody!LOL...anyways how camp hope?lyc hell isnt it?it will be the same for the teachers too!ok...holidays homework...revise revise...profile books!ohh shit...still have vivian 2 weeks haven finish...Pai sehx...Joey...gimme some time and hui zhen oso ching hers to me...if my hand kena hang must wait very long de lor...ytd there was a surprise visit by ms chow!!!!rejoice everibody~~oh...she gave us lollies and a small bottle with message to those who gave her cards...
ohh camps.i suppose teachers and principal fail their el.camp is overnight de activity!wa liu eh...i tot there was gonna be flying fox lyc last years cos i dun get a chance in P5 camp.see?i get to try nothing.and they still teach us what lifeskills.destress, when they dun even let us giggle for that while.samuel lucky lor.no need come camp.oh, who ask him so clever?
anyway after school me myra lipin and joey went to causeway.wanted watch movie but inthe end mum popped up and...end of story...i went home.let the others continue the story....

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Monday, September 04, 2006

ok...i knew everybody knows what's going on...i can be a papparazzi next time alady.b4 i get my post onto jialard...lemme tok bout the happenings.
Oh when i took the lift up to HDB HUB, some contestents were called to sing in front of the audience...and that's a lort!!!
suddenly Jialard came to my mind.huh? i mean i never tot of him b4 for anything de lor...he is oni 21 and i could think of him joining.i smirk to myself.so some of them just jolted me up from my going-to-sleep state and b4 the hosts ended with their funny and entertaining words...one familiar shadow popped up on stage. oh. lady's sixth sense are so strong. that particular person shocked me.him?i mean, its really him?i was gonna call everybody but too shock to...that person just held up the mic and said da jia hao, wo shi Jarrod! i just quickly send sms to Myra.then Myra told Pei Jun. Imagine mr yeo sing chi songs.i mean. he has the looks that go for SI tho i know there will be oni goodbye lor... then i lyc continue the zhao shi yan chang hui and watch the CSS perform their numbers.fantastic.i love yu yang's Feng1!geraldine's High high high...didnt u hear me singing that in the mid of clas today?i love Juz-B's Tong Hwa and Kiss goodbye which was a mere 5 lines...and...Fan Yi Chen!!!i not his damn great fan but i love his song especially his i believe which was a damn long time ago...there was a Korea version or it and Host Lee Teng actually remember it in a funny way.ku1 wan2 le3 sth sth mai4 ji1 ma?(cry finish _______sell chickens)oh my, the audience had their sides spilt(piak) and...for the host i lyc Lee Teng Luo Yi and Shen Yun ying.and oso wei xiong although he never come. Lee Teng and Luo Yi hosts is the best!!!!!!!!then there was Tong En.she sang Zhi2 Jue2(intuition) and Yi2 xia4 xia4(a while) she actually sounded bit more rough then Jocie.Just a bit more wen rou will be same as her lo!
after the whole thing i went for the carnival which was everything spoil.warn:dun go that funfair or what called the carnival. There was nth so we went to the timezone play percussion. once. LOL!!!travel so far then play one time oni. not to mention i hit my finger as a retribution for losing to myra.ohs.Eunice was there too!b4 that i was in the MRT.smsing Joey and calling her how jialard has done, but too bad i was too shocked to listen.ohh Pingx too. wah tell u ah... ben xiao jie from morning 9am stand until 7.15pm.cos in MRT no seat. blehs.anyway, it was so entertaining.not so cos mum was there, she actually wanted to see dean. Saturday will be females turn and the stars coming up will be SOUL Juz-B Brods Renfred Zhiyang Teresa Yi yuan khim.....Weilian Derrick and more....couldnt remember...anyway i was just too kena shock by jialard, and the sms didnt lett me off even though i was in the toilet.i was just too shock.He went for PSS?!PSS?!i thought he is for singapore idol kinds de?...faint faint
Karen aka Qing

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ohh.today was raining isnt it?
B4 that me cher and eunice were chatting and wanted go out to play-we r playful ya?
so we lyc ask myra she dun wan then forget her lor.anyway i dun feel lyc asking her cos she live so far.70% sure cnnt.
so cher walkin towards christ church sec and me and eunice walk from christ church sec towards her house.meet halfway.sounds lyc speed qns.so we walk so long haven see her then we lyc rest at the bus stop since its pouring a little.then cher call and say she at innova JC there(we were suppose to ask her to come)so we started chiong-ing again.
on our route here i kena abuse,oh cher oso.rackets as weapons.LOL.Eunice safest.
so we lyc play badminton under block then very angry the ball cnnt hit high.we play ali bomp in another kind.what can i say?lots of time wasted there.then we went to fitness corner put things and badminton again.behind eunice was dog shit.i nearly aimed at it.pai seh eunice.i tot u stepped on it.
after that we decided go buy drinks.a few more steps to vista oso too lazy tuh walk.might as well take the vending machine.then we send cher off.she must chiong home to eat dinner right?then we send her until the road there which was quite far from the vending machine.and b4 that we saw weili.YAY!she has recovered and was playing badminton too.after cher went off, me and eunice's illness got a relapse.we chat while waiting for sunset to set cos it was still quite high at 6.45pm.around 7pm i was lyc "eunice,i forgot the sun!"i mean the idea was liddat and i changed the dialogue...so we went to my house de 12th floor to take the sunset.but the sun was...we couldnt say gone.i can oni take the pix of the construction of the school.then eunice took the sun.i think she might have post it in her blog.mayb ui should go her blog see.oh ya.mentioning blog.when go blogger hangs almost all the time.except when its the happiest.so...not to say blogskins...argh...hangs, shoulda hang myself.

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